Labon Se Labon Ki (Films Midsummer Midnight Mumbai)

Playback Singer (Javed Ali)

Maula-Maula (Films Midsummer Midnight Mumbai)

Playback Singer (Mohd. Salamat)


Every artist flourishes with a desire to excel in the chosen field, and the case of Afroz Khan is no different. His dedication to music is truly unrivalled, which is also the reason of his hard work. He’s driven to achieve something of note in a domain where only the truly excellent survives and thrives.


The biggest strength of Mr. Khan is his burning desire to excel. His versatility ensures him advantage of fitting into many roles at the same time, whether a singer, music director, performer or composer. And this is the major reason of his bagging projects of various languages and various stature.


His career graph is full of achievements, and his exposure to international projects is testimony of his growing eminence as a music expert. More so, his years of industry experience is bearing great fruits, and bringing him rich rewards.


In overall, Afroz Khan is someone who lives by music and breathes by it, and this is his biggest strength, which also allows him to tide over whatever challenges come in the way.